NJ Dept of Agriculture Projects a Large Peach Crop

[Trenton] - The New Jersey Department of Agriculture today reported that it projects its peach crop to be one of its largest in years.  “New Jersey’s crop of peaches are shaping up and will be available in abundance throughout the State,” said New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture Douglas H. Fisher. “We want produce retailers and buyers as well as consumers of Jersey Fresh produce to know that we anticipate having a plentiful supply of peaches.”

NJ Peaches Looking Good for Mid-June

Other than a mild February which forced apricots and some plum varieties to bloom early, most New Jersey peaches experienced a cool and relatively normal winter.

A Time Of Diversity for NJ Peaches and Nectarines

New peach and nectarine varieties give NJ growers the opportunity to garner more shelf space in retail establishments. They continue to make new plantings not only of the best varieties of yellow -fleshed peaches, but also flat peaches, white-fleshed peaches and nectarines. “New Jersey peach farmers are also growing not only peaches with traditional peach flavor, but new, sweet varieties with a sub-acid flavor,” said Jerry Frecon, Professor Emeritus, Rutgers University. 

NJ Peach Harvest Early

"The peach harvest was a few days earlier than normal and in gear the first week of July,” said Bob Von Rohr, Director of Marketing & Customer Relations at Sunny Valley International of Glassboro. Sunny Valley, one of the largest marketers of peaches in New Jersey, and a longtime member of the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council, is looking at a full crop, according to Mr. Von Rohr. “We have a winter and spring with moderate temperatures and plentiful moisture so our quality is looking excellent,” said Von Rohr.

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