NJ Peach Harvest Early

"The peach harvest was a few days earlier than normal and in gear the first week of July,” said Bob Von Rohr, Director of Marketing & Customer Relations at Sunny Valley International of Glassboro. Sunny Valley, one of the largest marketers of peaches in New Jersey, and a longtime member of the New Jersey Peach Promotion Council, is looking at a full crop, according to Mr. Von Rohr. “We have a winter and spring with moderate temperatures and plentiful moisture so our quality is looking excellent,” said Von Rohr. “Since the southeastern US peach industry volume is reported to be down we are seeing a strong interest in Jersey peaches,” he added.

Sunny Valley markets peaches under the Jersey Fruit, Just Picked and Atlantic Sunrise labels. All labels are packed with GS1 Databar PLUs. The ½ bushel volume fill is their most popular pack, but they also offer special-packed to meet their customer needs. A diverse variety of white and yellow fleshed peaches and nectarines is available throughout the season from them. “Our growers tell us that labor should not be an issue to date in growing and harvesting peaches,” said Mr Von Rohr. 
Dr. Lewis De Eugenio, owner of Summit City Farms in Glassboro recently served as the spokesperson for the New Jersey peach industry at the annual Eastern Produce Council picnic sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Agriculture at Demarest Farms. 

“The New Jersey crop is looking very good both in quantity and quality, according to Dr. DeEugenio, and running a little early, but should be available from approximately July 1 to September 15. All Summit City Fruit is marketed under the Jersey Fruit label. Early peaches prior to harvest on June 18 in southern New Jersey. "Duffield Farms in Sewell New Jersey and Fruit Valley Farms in Mullica Hill started offering fresh Jersey peaches for sale on June 18," said Jerry Frecon, consultant for the NJ Peach Promotion Council. “Based on our surveys with grower members across the state of New Jersey all have near a full crop of peaches and nectarines, and most are beginning to harvest earlier because of our mild and warmer temperatures in late winter and early spring,” stated Mr. Frecon. “In spite of historically marketing our first fruit when later peaches are coming from Georgia and South Carolina, there is still an anticipation and excitement about marketed the first local Jersey Fresh peaches," said Frecon. "And, of course, we are developing and growing more very early peaches with better size and flavor. Most of these very early peaches will sold locally in farm markets, community farmers markets and specialty stores,” stated Mr. Frecon.

The New Jersey Peach Promotion Council is a voluntary organization of growers, packers, shippers, marketers and allied industry dedicated to the orderly marketing and promotion of NJ Peaches.